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Todays Conversation with Steve Garlick 

Steve Garlick has filled up his life with expereinces enough for 5 people.  Neale Morison has theoriseed Steve plainly has a time machine, which he hasn't mentioned yet. He apparently uses some sort of Einstein-Rosen bridge thingie to create more time for himself.

The frequent comment from those on the Conversation today was fascinating.  What an amazing life, touching in his humanity, wonderfully told with that lovely humour that life shows us.  Don't miss this one!!!


Next Conversation with Jim Marjoram - 16 August 8am (AEST)

Todays pairing was wonderful in the dynamics between Steve Garlick and Jim Marjoram.  Greatly anticipating the return session this coming week hearing Jims story.  


Next series of conversations

Colin Cussel & Adam Sapera Sun 6th and Sun 13th September at 8am AEST. 

There are more Conversations planned for October 2020. 

As always if you can't make it a Zoom video of the Conversation will be posted on our website.


We all need some humour in these troubled times

The joy of listening to music.  Sorry if you aren't a Phil Collins fan.




40th Re-union Speeches




45th Re-union on Sat 10 November

A very enjoyable night was had catching up with over 30 classmates and teachers at the Oaks Hotel.  Special thanks to James Daniel being the catalyst to making it happen.  You can see the welcoming speach from Peter Sheldon and a talk from one of our favourite teachers, Ian Cochrane.  Photos from the night have been posted under re-union photos.  For those classmates/teachers that took photos on the night please email any of them to keithrlongworth@gmail.com and I will include them on the site.