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Tickets for the 50th Re-union and next day After Party STILL ON SALE


There has been a great support for the Re-union and After Party and we have passed the threshold of the money needed to lay down the deposit for the venues. Many thanks to all who have committed payments more than one year out.  We expect the final number of attendees to be somewhere between 80-100 persons.  The cutoff date to receive money from any classmates who were not sure about attending has now extended to next year.  Classmates who were intending to only come the the 50th re-union can also change their mind about attending both events. 


The 50th re-union at the Manly 16’ skiff club on Saturday 28 October 2023 at 6:30pm.  There is a 3 course meal package for $89 per person plus we are adding another $10 to cover the costs of the website for the next 10 years.


Manly 16' skiff club - venue for the 50th Re-union


The next day we are having a recovery party at midday at the Narrabeen Surf Lifesaving Club where the many musical talents of a class will be showcased – musicians (jazz, rock, folk) and singers of all types (opera, rock, folk).  The after party will be $49 per person that will include a barbecue lunch.  Our musical classmates are REALLY good.


The good news from the Narrabeen Surf Life Saving Club venue is that they will keep both the larger (100+) room and the smaller room (60 max) exclusively available to us. We can decide closer to the event which one to take and the other room will be left vacant on the day.


Narrabeen Surf Lifeaving Club - the after party

Alcohol can be purchased separately at the bar at both venues. Both carnivores and vegans will be catered for. Partners are encouraged to attend as well classmates to both events



50th reunion


Both Events

1 person




2 persons





Please make payment to our class bank account

Account Name            NSBHS1973

BSB                              062225

Account#                    10305625

Reference                   Your name

For those transferring payments from an overseas bank our Swift code is CTBAAU2S or CTBAAU2SXXX 11 digits all branches are the same xxx


Paid (updated 22 Mar 2023)

First Name Surname 50th re-union (Sat) Musical After Party (Sun)
Bruce  Batterham 2 1
Geoff Baxter 1 1
Alan Bensoussan 1 1
Geoff Boulton 2 2
Ian Carragher 2 2
John Casey 2 2
Greg Clark 1  
Tim Connell 1 2
Andrew Crooks 1  
Greg Crowe 1  
Colin Cussel 1 1
James Daniel 2 2
Stephen Dickinson 1  
Michael  Dodd 1  
Paul Fookes 2 2
Laurie Foy 1  
Steve Gellert 1  
Adrian Graham 2 2
Brett Hannaford 1 1
Raoul Hawkins 1 1
David Ivers 1 1
Peter Jewkes 1  
Geoff Jones 1  
Rod Leonarder 1 1
Keith Longworth 2 2
Steve Lowndes 1 1
Bill Lyons 1 1
Jim Marjoram 1 1
Norm Matheson 1 1
Bill McCallum 1 1
Ken McLoughlin 1 1
Grant Mitchell 1  
David Morgan 1 1
Neale Morison 1 1
Ken Morrey 1 1
George Petrou 1 1
David Rankin 1  
Michael  Rayner 1 1
Stephen Richardson 1  
Geoff Saunders 1 1
Tony Schlosser 2  
Gary Seaton 1 1
Peter Sheldon 1 1
Peter Shields 1 1
Garbis Simonian 1  
Colin Spearman 1  
David Spence 2 2
Morten Storaker 2 2
Mark Walsh 1  
Julie Ward 1  
Kelvin Ward 1  
Neil Warren 2  
Bruce  Watson 1  
Tony  Weston 2 2
Glen Winslade 1 1
  Total 68 35


It is not surprising that some really strong friendships have formed over the last 20 years between old classmates.  And not just from the re-kindling old school friendships but forming new friendships between classmates who may not have spoken more than a few words to each other at school.


You have a lifelong membership to a group of people who went to the same school in the same year and share a common history.  You have experienced black & white TV, the Flintstones, the moon landing, the excitement of a new Beatles or Rolling Stones album, the enjoyment of great films such as Deerhunter and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, the fun of Happy Days and  Mash, the golden age of Australian rock with Cold Chisel, Australian Crawl, Mental as Anything with our own Greedy Smith, Australian cricket thrashing the Poms in England with Alan Border leading the team, World Cup rugby wins etc.


There is a lovely story in “All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum about kids who are so good a playing hide and seek that they never share the joy of being found by others. Lets not be one of those kids.  Come along to both the 50th re-union and next day afterparty.  Join us in regularly organised online and or in person events.  You will be surprised how much you enjoy the company of your old classmates.