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Final Numbers - 93 Re-Union, 61 After party

Fantastic response to the 50th Re-union with 93 attending and 61 for the next day after party.  The 50th Re-union commences at 6pm on Saturday 28 October 2023 at the Manly 16' Skiff Club and the After Party on Sunday 29 October at midday.

The first Zoom planning session was held on the 23 May 2021 where there was discussion where and when we would have the re-union.  Democracy in action and a online vote resulted in the selection of the Manly 16' Skiff Club.  There was some funny reactions from event planners when in the middle of Covid-19 we said we wanted to book an event more than 2 years out and we were confident that  we could get more than 80+ people to attend.

Well we have, and thank you to all your support for what will be a great night and next day celebration.  A special thank you for those that fronted the money more than a year out so we could make the deposit and be sure that minimum numbers could be achieved.

The idea of having a after party at the Narrabeen Surf Life Saving Club with our musical classmates evolved later.  The talented musical lineup will be Andrew Hoyle,  Neale Morison, Raoul Hawkins, Simon Fraser, the Falconettes (Andrew's wife Sue and a friend) plus a guest drummer.


First Planning Meeting - 23 May 2021


There was a core group of classmates who came along to almost every planning session and have done the bulk of the work to make the re-union and after party happen.  So a BIG thank you to Bill Lyons, James Daniel, Andrew Hoyle, Colin Cussel, Ken McLoughlin, Adrian Graham & Keith Longworth.



The Core Group



First Name Surname School Tour (Fri) 50th re-union (Sat) After Party (Sun) Photos Sent
Enzo Andreano   1    
Bruce  Batterham   2 1  
Geoff Baxter   1 1  
Greg Bell (teacher)   1    
Alan Bensoussan   1 1  
Geoff Boulton   2 2  
Rob Brittain   1    
Bruce  Butler   1   10
Ian Carragher   2 2 10
Greg Clark   2 1  
Russell Codling   1 1  
Tim Connell   1 2  
Andrew Crooks 1 1    
Greg Crowe   1    
Colin Cussel   1 1  
James Daniel 1 2 2 10
Stephen Dickinson   1    
Michael  Dodd   1    
David Feather   1    
Alan Feldman   1 1 10
Paul Fookes   2 2  
Laurie Foy   1    
Simon Fraser   1 2  
Steve Gellert   1    
Graham Gibbs   1 1  
Brian Goodall   1 1  
Adrian Graham   2 2  
Brett Hannaford   1 1  
Raoul Hawkins   1 1  
Andrew Hoyle   1 3  
Noel Hutley   1    
David Ivers   1 1  
Peter Jewkes   1    
Geoff Jones   1    
Ray Jones   2 1  
Rod Leonarder   1 1  
Keith Longworth 1 2 2  
Steve Lowndes 2 1 1  
Hugh Lukins   1    
Bill Lyons 1 1 1 10
Jim Marjoram   1 1 10
Norm Matheson   1 1  
George Mavros   2    
Bill McCallum   1 1  
Ken McLoughlin 1 1 1 10
Grant Mitchell   1 1  
David Morgan   1    
Neale Morison   1 1  
Ken Morrey     1  
Chris Moyes   1 1  
Bernie Newsom (teacher)   1    
Paul O'Donnell   2   10
George Petrou   1 1  
David Rankin   1    
Alan Rassaby   1 1  
Michael  Rayner   1 1 10
Stephen Richardson   1    
Alan Rousselot   1    
Adam Sapera   1 1  
Geoff Saunders   1 1  
Tony Schlosser   2    
Gary Seaton   1 1  
Peter Sheldon   1 1  
Garbis Simonian   1    
George Smith   1 1  
David Snell   2 2  
Marty Sonnenberg   1 1  
Colin Spearman   1    
David Spence   2 2  
Anthony Spencer   1    
Morten Storaker   2 2 10
Mark Walsh   1    
Kelvin Ward (teacher)   1    
Julie Ward (teacher)   1    
Neil Warren   1    
Bruce  Watson   1    
Tony  Weston   2 2  
Glen Winslade   1 1  
  Total 7 93 61 100

Last updated: 29/9/2023


As a reminder, don't forge to send in 10 photographs of yourself over the years. One of your photos will be used on the name tag. (just in case you have changed somewhat since school days).  Please email photos to keithrlongworth@gmail.com



Main Dinner Speaker 50th Reunion - Michael Rayner

For the main dinner speaker we are pleased to have invited internationally renowned architect Michael Rayner who is one of our classmates to talk.


Have you ever wondered how those magnificent buildings such as Queensland Performing Arts Centre or the National Maritime Museum of China get creatively designed and built.  Well come along to the 50th Re-union and find out because Michael led the architectural teams who created them.


Queensland Performing Arts Centre


National Maritime Museum of China


Michael has also had the unfortunate experience of twice being of victim of the Brisbane river floods that caused significant damage to his house.  He will give insights into what he learned from the experience and the helpfulness of friends, family and community.


Michael's unexpected swimming pool connected to the Brisbane river


Michael’s list of achievements is a mile (1.6km) long and includes being appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 2011 for his services to architecture.  You can read his many of his accomplishments at https://blightrayner.com.au/team/michael-rayner-am/

Other speakers on the night will be Keith Longworth giving a Welcome speech and James Daniel a closing talk on all the activities that have and are being organised for NSBHS1973.

Bill Lyons will give a welcome speech at the After Party barbeque on the Sunday and a recap of the night before at the reunion


Your Photos for the Re-union

We are going to retire the small, grainy photos scanned from the Falcon magazine that have been projected onscreen on previous re-unions.   Instead we are asking for you to send in 10 photos of yourself over the years.  Please email to keithrlongworth@gmail.com and a photo album online presentation will be made.  89 people x 10 photos = 890 photos.  Displayed at 10 seconds per photo is 148 minutes which will add to the atmosphere of the re-union.

Photos don't have to be from school times, anything over the last 60+ years will be fine.  If the photo is of you climbing a mountain in Botswana please provide some detail in the email.  If you have digital photos send them in as is.  Taking photos from your phone of old photos should work fine if you don't have a scanner

We now have a extra column of who has sent in photos.  Don't be shy about it and yes we will hound you to send something in.  

Ken McLoughlin & wife


School Tour Fri 27 October 2023

Many thanks to James Daniel who has arranged for the Headmaster of NSBHS, Mr Brian Ferguson to give our class group a personal tour of the school

School Tour Friday 27th October   (The day before the 50th Anniversary Re-union Dinner at Manly) 


Time:  3.20pm for a 3.30pm start. Estimated duration ~ 45 Minutes. 

Date:   Friday 27th October. 

Meeting place:  B Quad 

Enter via the pedestrian gate on Falcon St, it leads directly to B Quad, between the Hall and B Block.   

To assist with logistics , we need to know if you plan to attend. 

If you are attending, please RSVP an email to James Daniel  jmtdaniel10@gmail.com