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Talk by Dr Alan Bensoussan on Research in Complementary Medicine


Alan is a big deal in complementary medicine.


NICM Health Research Institute Event 

We are so pleased to announce one of our classmates Dr Alan Bensoussan is going to give a talk to NSBHS1973 classmates, partners and friends on research in complimentary medicine.  Alan has been one of the pioneers in Australia of complimentary medicine and this talk will be fascinating.  Many thanks to James Daniel for encouraging Alan to share his great knowledge and experience with us 


Date  Monday March 4th 2023 


Time 9.15am  till ~ 12.00noon


Venue  National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM) 


Address  Westmead Medical Precinct. Building looks like Hogwarts right above Westmead train station. 




9.15am              Arrive, coffee/tea and some intros (ground floor in Gary Lam Auditorium)

9.45am              Start talks with a brief background to NICM and what we do - Alan Bensoussan

10.10am            Dr Deep Bhuyan – ‘Why my research is earth-shatteringly important.’ Deep’s work focuses on the microbiome.

10.15am            Assoc Prof Gen Steiner – ‘Why I disagree with Deep and think mine is more important.’ Gen focuses on neurocognition, cognitive decline, dementia.

10.20am            Assoc Prof Mike Armour – ‘Forget all the others, listen to me.’ Mike focuses on women’s health (endometriosis) and cannabis studies

10.30-11.10am Tour of facilities (Prof Dennis Chang): laboratories, Western Sydney Integrative Health Clinic.

11.15am            Light refreshments


Final attendees + a couple more collegues of Alan Bensoussan



Michael Rayner key Speaker - 50th Re-union NSBHS1973

For the enjoyment again of all who attended the 50th reunion.  The incredibly interesting talk of Michael Rayner on architecture, how creativity can solve problems and the comaraderie of Australians when adversity strikes.  It is easy to understand why Michael was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his services to architecture.  If you missed the reunion a chance to catchup on one of the highlights.




The Band - formed from classmates, partners and a couple of friends playing at the After Party


Video courtesy of Ian Carragher


Video courtesy of Ian Carragher


Video courtesy of Ian Carragher


50th Reunion and After Party - A Great Success

We will take comments like "What a wonderful couple of events! My most enjoyable weekend in ages"  and "fantastic event" as endorsement that the 50th Reunion and After Party were a great success.  Having 93 attendees at the 50th Re-union and 61 coming along to the next day after party was a great turnout.

My favourite parts of the weekend in no particular order was the comaraderie of our entire group with each other.  Old friends mixed with new friends in an atmosphere of convivial conversation was simply wonderful.

Video courtesy of Ian Carragher


The school tour on the Friday was fun with hilarious laughter at the antics we used to get up to.  The new headmaster was charming and enjoyed learning of much of the history of the school first hand from some of the school pupils of '73.

Michael Rayner's talk was facinating how he combined an ethos of structure, nature, art and craft to guide his wonderful archtitectural designs.  Using designs of the DNA helix to guide bridge design, or the strength of trees to help solve structural problems of building was facinating. The passion and enjoyment was evident in Michael's discussion of his favourite project of the Dinosaur House.  His personal experience of the Brisbane floods was moving and the design response to broken wharves with gates that could automatically swing open in a flood was so smart. 



The Sunday highlight was no doubt the musical talent of the "band".  The music was just great and a huge thanks to Andrew Hoyle, Neale Morison, Raoul Hawkins, Simon Fraser, Jim Marjoram and singers Sue Hoyle and friend plus the guest drummer for putting on such enjoyable entertainment.  It was obvious that not only the audience was having fun but the band were having a great time playing together.  I am sure we will be able to get the band together for a future event.

Video courtesy of Adrian Graham


Thanks to those who have posted photos and videos capturing the fun of the weekend events, particularly Ian Carragher and Adrian Graham.