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50th Re-union Planning

Planning #8 - 50th Re-union & Narooma/Snowy Mountains 




Re-union Planning #7 -  31 January 2023

Main Action Points

Still trying to sign up classmate musical artists for the after party

We will  put on barbeque (for both carnivores and vegetarians) on the Sunday after party following re-union

Create a slideshow of 10 photos from each classmate on their lives (or on their photogenic pets)

Group singalong at end of after party

Bill Lyons will post program for weekend at Narooma in 1 weeks time

Ken McLouglin/James Daniel will post itinerary for Snowy Mountains walk in 1 weeks time


Fun Facts from the meeting

One of Bill Lyons daughters is renowned soprano opera singer Eleanor Lyons.  Bill sang "If I were a Rich Man" at  one of his daughters wedding.  Oh I would give good money to see that on video.  All fathers can relate to the lament of being richer prior to any daughters wedding.

One of our classmates Steven Elphick played double bass on David Bowie's China Doll video.  I think that is very cool.





Re-union Planning #6 -  20 September 2022

Latest planning meeting held on 20 September 2022.  See confirmation of Colin Cussel's fantastic long term memory singing school war cry without notes.  Now the short term memory could be another story.

Please note changes on event dates - Annual lunch now Friday 18 November and Balmain walk Tuesday 20 December 2022.

Happy to report Greg Bell is alive and well and coming along to the lunch.




Re-union Planning #5 - 23 August 2022

Shortened video of our planning meeting #5 as my computer decided to temporarily self destruct. Most of meeting was luckily captured



Planning for 50th Re-union #4 - 10 May 2022




50th Reunion Planning # 3  4 August 2021 




50th Reunion Planning # 2  22 July 2021




50th Reunion Planning # 1 - 23 May 2021