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History 2022

2022 Annual Luncheon - Mosman Rowers

Another great day with old mates.  A couple of late scratchings of Geoff Baxter who became a close Covid contact and Adrian Graham whose daughter has kept him waiting a little longer for a new grand child.  Especially pleasing to see some old friends come along who we haven't seen in a while.  Paul Russell, Mark Epper and Neil Warren have been life long friends from school days and were all there.  Great also to catch up with Paul O'Donnell and Raoul Hawkins as well as that great bunch of friends who come along to all these events including our favorite teachers Bernie Newsom and Greg Bell.

A special thanks to Bill Lyons and Ken McLouglin for arranging this years luncheon.




Bruce Batterham
Greg Bell (Teacher)
Peter Brooks
Greg Clark
James Daniel
Mark Epper
Stephen Gellert
Raoul Hawkins 
Andrew Hoyle
David Ivers
Rod Leonarder
Keith Longworth
Bill Lyons
Ken McLoughlin
Bernie Newsom (Teacher)
Paul O'Donnell
Neil Rickard
Paul Russell
Peter Sheldon
Neil Warren



Some musings from James Daniel on the event

"Bill great to hear your talk around the School Moto “Vincit quit si vincit “ it had the enthusiasm of  a  Ist  XV Captain ! The DNA is still there .  Bernie did you mention you had some more information on the Moto ? Would be great to hear about it  

     So many catch up stories, a couple that comes to mind that I would like to share, and  fellow classmates please correct me / add if I have got it wrong  

Rod Leonarder

    From his experience giving me tips if a DA next door is approved , which has just happened to me, thank you Rod .

Paul O’Donnell

   How your original Geo- physics degree and other related work experiences have recently got you involved in remediation of defence sites , fascinating!  

Greg Clark 

    The story that you would be busy this weekend with your  Camp Kedron Retreat Centre at Ingleside looking after Children with Down's Syndrome , this has affected our wider family , so I would like to “take off my hat ” to you on that .

Paul Russell 

     Your Qatar experience,  especially with the World Cup starting and looks like it is going to be a pub with no beer event "🙃


Re-invigorating Facebook Group

We are looking to re-invigorate our private Facebook group for North Sydney Boys High School Class 1973.  You might have recently received a Friend request from Keith Longworth and subsequently an invitation to join this group.  Any classmate who wants to join this group please send me an email to keithrlongworth@gmail.com or a Friend request via Facebook.



Old Falconians Dinner 6pm Friday 22 September 2022

Stephen Ballantine was booked to come along to the Falconians Dinner.  We will keep a place for him with us on the night.  If you intend to join us please book your tickets before 9 September

Booking Form click on this link  /000/1/3/3/23331/userfiles/file/Annual%20Dinner%20invitation%202022.pdf


Stephen Ballantine (1955-2022) - Rest in Peace Good Friend

Such a moving memorial to a very memorable person.  You can  see the full service on this link: https://events.lifestreaming.au/?nid=8b2722b6-c38f-4d81-81e6-ddba3a721b08 


Port Macquarie 30-31 July 2022 (updated 1/8/2022)

Well Port Macquarie is a wrap. What a fantastic weekend, walk in a beautiful rainforest, barbeque, beer and red wine in majestic setting with old mates.  Wonderfully entertained all afternoon with live music from classmates.  Get taken out for a trip along the Hastings River in 2 Marine Rescue boats, learn something about one of our emergency services, get fed with great barbeque chicken wraps.

Many thanks to main organisers Tim Connell, Stephen Ballantine, Colin Cussel and  Graham Gibbs.  A special shout out to both Stephen and Graham who separately came down with Covid and had to miss most/all of the weekend 



Port Macquarie 30-31 July 2022 (updated 29/7/2022)

More fun filled activities with your old classmates at Port Macquarie on the weekend of 30-31 July.  Many thanks to Stephen Ballantine, Tim Connell and Colin Cussel for organizing. Please advise via the Forum if you and partner are likely to attend. Great lineup of attendees now, always room for more. Preferred accomodation is The Waters Edge - http://www.watersedgeportmacquarie.com.au/  Obviously feel free to go upmarket or downmarket if you wish.  



Meet at the Water Edge hotel at 9:15am for a 9:30 departure to Comboyne and the rainforest..  A 12 seater bus will leave Port Macquarie with an hours travel to the rainforest in the Boorganna Nature Reserve.  Many thanks to James Daniel who is "skipper" and will drive the bus. So as not to have to stop enroute please purchase your alcohol for the barbeque (BYOG) on the Friday night in Port Macquarie or bring it from home. James contact number is 0451511290 or Steve Ballantine 0437437027.  There will be a small charge for the minibus hire, will sort this out later with those travelling on the bus.

As we have some classmates with limited mobility the walk at the rain forest.have been shortened.  Final arrangments are with Tim Connell on the day. Track may be wet so probably a good idea to bring a second set of shoes and clothing for barbeque. 

For those travelling direct to Comboyne and arriving early you can go directly to Tims place at 481 Ponsford Road, Comboyne, otherwise everyone will rendezvous at corner of Wingham Road & Ponsford Road at 10:30am Saturday. 

After the mornig walk it is back to Tim Connell's' gorgeous Stella Vista Farm in Comboyne.for a barbeque at 12:30pm and return to Port sometime that evening. 



Graham Gibbs has unfortunately caught Covid over the last couple of days and is a late scatching from festivities. He has nevertheless arranged that tour and boat ride at the Marine Rescue to still go ahead at 11am on Sunday.  Marine Rescue is a short walk from the Waters Edge at 11a Buller Street, Port Macquarie .  You can meet Greg Davies contact 0437 492 484 and he will provide a tour and boat ride.  There is some logistics around the number of perople on the Marine Rescue boat at any one time so will leave it to Greg to work it out on the day

Graham, hope you recover quickly from Covid and many thanks for arranging everything for Marine Rescue event.  You will be missed.



For those interested a trip to Timbertown at Wauchope is being organised for Sunday afternoon


Boorganna Nature Reserve - Colling Road, Comboyne


Tim Connell's Stella Vista  Farm 481 Ponsford Rd, Comboyne.  Tim's contact number if required 0407917073



Stephen Ballantine

Colin Cussel

Tim Connell

Graham Gibbs (late scratching - the double red lines of Covid in the last couple of days, get well soon)

James Daniel

Ken McLaughlin

Neil Rickard

Glenn Thomson

Brett Hannaford & Fiona

George Mavros

Ian Brookes

Neale Morison

Bruce Batterham & Lisa

Morten Storaker

Keith Longworth 

Andrew Hoyle & Sue

Jo Hill

Geoff Boulton


A number of classmates will no doubt descend on Port Macquarie on the Friday night with some leaving on Monday.  Others may wish to make a single overnight stay on the Saturday night but still catch up with all the activities.  Others may stay forever after being convinced by North Coasters that the area is the best in the world.

There is a 100% guarantee that if you come along you will have a great weekend.  Everyone welcome, both classmates and partners.


Annual Luncheon - Mosman Rowers 19 Nov 2021 

What can we say, a great day catching up with old mates.  Don't worry if you missed this one, we are going to have one every year !.  See Forum for more photos and video.

Those classmates who came along this year included

First Name Last Name
Bruce Batterham
Geoff Baxter
Alan Bensoussan
Ian Carragher
Greg Clark
Greg Crowe
James Daniel
Laurie Foy
Andrew Hoyle
Rod Leonarder
Keith Longworth
Bill Lyons
Norm Matheson
George Mavros
Ken McLoughlin
Bernie Newsom
Neil Rickard
Peter Sheldon
Bruce Watson



Clontarf to Grotto Point Lighthouse/Dobroyd Head Walk 

What a fantastic day!!!  Weather was superb, started off at Clontarf at 10am and walked to Grotto Point Lighthouse. 

Those on the walk

James Daniel

Bruce Batterham and partner Lisa

Norm Matheson

Bill Lyons

Keith Longworth


These grow plus vitamins really seem to be working.  I used to be shorter than Bruce once.

After Grotto Point Lighthouse we walked down to the the old huts at Craters Rock which was challenging but totally worth it.  Overall the walk was 4 hours with all the extra trekking we did.  Got back to Clontarf for drinks and fish/chips on the beach at 2pm

We even saw a wallaby on the walk.


Rosemarie Longworth and Scotty Longworth (dog) joined us for a late lunch.  Drinking beers and good wine after a long walk with great friends. Wow it doesn't get much better.  

Greedy Smith


Mark Simmonds - tenor sax plus Steve Elphick double bass