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Missing classmates



The following is a list of missing missing classmates.

If you are searching for missing classmates please update the Forum to see if others have any contacts that may help.  This will also avoid multiple communications to a classmate who may not be interested in re-unions or registering on the site. 

Results of searches, both positive and negetive will be updated here..

If you have managed to locate a missing classmate please ask them to register on our website.  


NOT ON WEBSITE          
First Name Last Name Email Telephone Cell Phone Contacted By Comments
Alex Abbott          
David Adamson          
David Barnes          
Stephen Battaglene stephen.battaglene@utas.edu.au     Peter Sheldon & Keith Longworth Emailed - no response
Alan Border          
Geoff Boulton          
Rob Brittain britt2803@hotmail.com        
Peter Brooks brooksprojects@bigpond.com        
Roger Burton          
Bruce Butler          
Greg Clark          
Ian Clayton   9958 3229      
Tony Contos tonycoachos@hotmail.com        
S. E. Conway          
Malcolm Crofts          
P. B. Crowther          
Brett Dach     411339237    
Lloyd Davis          
Brian Dickeson          
Peter Dickeson          
Alan Feldman          
Gary Forsyth          
Rob Fuller          
Jim Gaal          
David Gilchrist          
Rob Gottlich          
Carl Gurkey          
S. P. Harrison          
Steven. Hayles          
Peter Higgs peterbhiggs@ntlworld.com        
Simon Hill          
Andrew Hilyard          
John Hogge          
Michael Howe          
Greg Hughes          
Peter Hunt  peter.hunt@greenhill.com        
Andrew Hunter          
Noel Hutley    02 8257 2599      
Neil Irvine          
Jason Johnston          
Ian Kamphorst          
Ian Kemp          
Robert Kennedy          
Tony Lamborn          
Steven Lester          
Graham Lewin          
Russell Loosen          
Lyle May          
W. D. McClay          
Bruce McCormac          
Colin McDonald          
Stuart McGlynn          
Michael McHolm     92674955 (b)    
Grant Mitchell          
Phil Moore          
David Morgan davidmorgan595@hotmail.com        
Chris Moyes          
Necess Nercessian          
Paul Newey          
P. W. Newman          
Garry Newton gnewton@ecowise.com.au        
Arm Norberg          
N. M. Patrick          
David Patterson          
Chris Payne chris.payne@det.nsw.edu.au        
George Petrou          
Mark Pilley          
David Proudman          
David Rankin rankin.stell@bigpond.com        
Graham Rees          
Paul Roberts          
Peter Rodgers          
Ian Ryall          
Gary Sargent          
Steven. Sedwick          
Ian Sharp          
Greg Shepherd          
Mike Skelton          
Alan Smith alansmith300@yahoo.com        
D. M. Smith          
David Snell          
David Spence          
Jeff Springer          
Warren Steep          
David Stevenson          
Marcus Sykes sncsyke@au1.ibm.com        
Peter Turner          
Sid Vandine          
Peter Veitch pveitch@nsccahs.health.nsw.gov.au        
Geoff Vidal          
David Waddell          
Neil Wallace          
Mark Walsh  Markjwalsh@wentworthchambers.com.au        
Ian Ward wardi440@gmail.com        
Keith Welsh          
Rob Windeyer