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26/01/24 09:45 AM #1261    


Alan Bensoussan

That's great news Bill!  Really look forward to seeing you and your wife there. Should be fun. Al  

26/01/24 10:04 AM #1262    


Ken McLoughlin

Hi Alan and James ,

                                     Thank you for organising the morning .  My wife Rosemary 

 and I would love to come along .  Looking forward to it ! 


                                              Ken McLoughlin .

27/01/24 08:41 AM #1263    


Ian Carragher

Hi Alan and James,

My wife, Sue, and I would love to attend the presentation and tour on March 4th.

Looking forward to catching up again.



27/01/24 01:56 PM #1264    


James Daniel

Re  Monday 4th March morning  event at NICM Health Research Institute,  Westmead Medical Precinct 

Thanks Ken ,Keith, Bill, Ian and Morten for advising of  your attendance  , Keith and I are  putting a list together of attendees  which will be on the Home Page. 

27/01/24 02:10 PM #1265    


Paul Fookes

Kelvin Ward has had an email from Lindsay Janes looking to find Graham Jones who was on our 1972 Australia trip.  I have no memory of Graham.  Can anyoe help?  Please contact Kel directly.



Lindsay Jones wrote the articles in the Australian Bus Magazine on Jannali Bus in December, 2020 and January 2021, which made significant mention of our trip to the Northern Territory. It was through these articles we were able to catch up with Ted Coleman. Colemans passed on our details to Lindsay after I wrote a response. "Graham Jones" also wrote a response. I have attached a copy of the letters.

 Any chance that Gary Jones and Graham Jones are related? 

We hope to catch up with you, probably after the weather cools down.

Best wishes,

Julie and Kelvin

The letter is below

27/01/24 08:59 PM #1266    


Peter Sheldon

Hi all,

I too would love to come along on 4 March for Alan's guided tour of NICM!

28/01/24 08:31 AM #1267    


Keith Longworth


Really looking forward to Alan Bensoussan's talk on Monday 4th March 9.30am at Westmead Medical Precinct.  Thank you Alan for hosting, I  am sure it will be fascinating.  We are going to record the talk for those classmates overseas and others who can't make the day.  If you intend to come along please let James know or update attendance via the Forum. For those that would like to make a day of it we will probably arrange to have a drink or 2 together somewhere in the afternoon, all are welcome.



Many thanks to James Daniel for organising the day.  As always he has done a great job making this happen.



We had 3 Jones in our class - Gary, Geoff and Ray but no Graham.  Suspect Graham was in another year.


Double Granny & Gandpa,

Yesterday my daughter had her first child, Francesco Matteo Anselmi born at 5:55am weighing 3.65kgs (8.04lbs)  His name reflects his Italian heritage (husband Marco is Italian & my wife Rosemarie's father was Italian.  Multi cultural family now with Italian, Brazillian (my son's wife Luana) and Australian mix.


Simone and Marco (happy parents)


Happy Grandpa with Fancesco, son Andrew and other granchild Emma


Very happy Grandma Rosemarie with Fancesco



28/01/24 11:13 AM #1268    


Alan Bensoussan

Keith!  Huge congratulations on your grandchild!  How exciting and everyone looked so well after the birth - even you and Rosemarie!

Thanks so much for working with James to facilitate the NICM visit on the 4th March.  Ian, Ken, Mort, Pete, thanks for your additional responses. I look forward to catching up with you all.

29/01/24 04:02 PM #1269    


Ian Carragher

Congratulations Keith and Rosemarie.

30/01/24 06:30 AM #1270    


Bill Lyons

Well said, Ian! Let me add my best wishes to Keith and Rosemarie, as well as to Marco and Simone on the birth of their newest family member, Francesco! Wonderful news!

31/01/24 08:10 AM #1271    


Colin Cussel




Hi Keith and Rosemarie. Congratualtions.

We have shared joy. Matthew Geofferey Cussel (Matty G) was born to my son and Daughter in law , Daniel and Cath on 3 January.

01/02/24 10:32 AM #1272    


Keith Longworth

Thanks to everyone for the best wishes and congratulations to Colin as well.  Being a grandparent is good as you get lots of congratulations without having to do a lot of the hard work.  You might however argue that we spent a lot of time, effort and costs in breeding one of the new parents who made us a grandparent.

I enjoy walking our granddaughter with my son 2-3 mornings a week at 7am.  Good exercise for me and I love the extra relaxed time I spend with my son and grand daughter.


01/02/24 01:31 PM #1273    


Ian Carragher

Congratulations to Colin as well. Being a grandparent is one of the great joys in life.

10/02/24 10:23 AM #1274    

Bernie Newsom (Teacher)

G'day all.  Enjoying the grandparenting conversation and photos, and the comments, especially re the joy entailed for us oldies.  As it happens, my wiofe Dora and I are down to look after our two grandies (age 14 and 10) this evening - probably playing mahjong, and laughing a lot.

Much interested in Alan's forum at Westmead on March 4, and we would like to attend if that's OK.  Dora was a librarian, specialising in medical research: ten years at the Dental Hospital, and 40 years at Sydney Eye Hospital - and she has had quite some experience as a patient with unusual, challenging issues.  We would bioth appreciate being able to join the party.

Best wishes to all,


11/02/24 01:18 PM #1275    


Keith Longworth

Hi Bernie. Both you and Dora would be most welcome to come along to Alan Bendoussan's talk. The invitation is extended to all classmates and teachers

Look forward to seeing you there 😊

12/02/24 11:11 PM #1276    


Peter Sheldon

Warmest congrats to the expanding Longworth-Anselmi and Cussell clans. Lovely photos and stories (eg Keith walking baby and son early mornings). All that joy but no night-time wake ups for nappy changes and feeds. Sounds like a deal!

13/02/24 01:27 PM #1277    


Alan Bensoussan

Hi Bernie 

It would be an absolute pleasure to host you and your wife Dora on the 4th March at NICM. I think most details have been posted, but I will advise further re parking etc. 

I've just returned from my youngest daughter's wedding in the Blue Mountains. Fabulous, semi-bohemian event, very sociable with lots of her/his beautful life-affirming friends. Now also about to start a 3 day & night grandparenting stint for our other daughter's 2 year old. He's absolutely gorgeous, but yes it does mean interrupted sleep and nappy changing!  We might need some more ginseng this week. :)

19/02/24 04:22 PM #1278    


James Daniel

NICM Health Research Institute Event, Monday March 4th, hosted by Emeritus Professor Alan Bensoussan. (Founder)

     Full details at the bottom of this post.  

As Alan is kindly organising arrival and late morning refreshments we need to finalise numbers by this Thursday 22nd February. 

Please advise if you are attending ( if not already done so) by contacting one of the below or make a forum post .

    a) Alan Bensoussan,  E. A.Bensoussan@westernsydney.edu.au M. 0404 055 292 

    b) Keith Longworth    E. keithrlongworth@gmail.com M.0417 277 112 

    c) James Daniel         E. jmtdaniel10@gmail.com M.0451 511 290

This is a unique opportunity to hear from Alan and some of the Researchers  from the NICM on this important area of Health, especially as we head towards seniority. 3 in 4  Australians use some form of Complementary Medicine as part of their Health Management Plan. 

      Alan has told me he is including a bit of humour, you have me in suspense, Alan ,😊. It is also a great opportunity  to catch up with Classmates. 

  Classmates who have advised of their attendance so far ,



NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University, 158 Hawkesbury Rd, Westmead.  The building looks like Hogwarts and sit directly above Westmead train station – so easy commute.  Very limited parking is available, but if needed, people would need to send their car rego number and model and we’ll try!  Otherwise parking in Westmead hospital (adjacent) is $20 for the whole day.


We’ll meet from about 9.15am on the ground floor of NICM and start talks at 9.45am. The approx. schedule will be:
9.15am               Arrive and coffee/tea 

9.45am               Start talks (Gary Lam Auditorium, Ground Floor NICM)

Alan Bensoussan with a history of NICM and what we do.

Dr Deep Bhuyan – Deep’s work focuses on the microbiome.

Assoc Prof Gen Steiner – Gen focuses on neurocognition, cognitive decline, dementia.

Assoc Prof Mike Armour – Mike focuses on women’s health (endometriosis) and cannabis studies.

10.30-11.10am Tour of all NICM facilities, including laboratories (Prof Dennis Chang), Western Sydney Integrative Health.

11.15am             Wind-up, refreshments (outside Gary Lam Auditorium).



27/02/24 07:22 PM #1279    


James Daniel

We are in the process of fine tuning the Blue Mountains walk, with option of  joining for one ,two or three days.Tuesday 19th March, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st.Depending on response we may focus on just one or two days .

Refer Forum post 1253 for details 

Would appreciate if you could advise if you plan to come along and how many days you would like to join the group, either by a forum post , sms or email to   

Morten Storaker   E  nordicodin@gmail.com M . 0417 218 761 


James Daniel.      E. jmtdaniel10@gmail.com M.0451 511 290

If we go for one day  the proposed one day trip is below  , 

   Appreciate so much in having a fellow Classmate, who knows the Blue Mountains area so well and is willing to share his knowledge . Thank you Morten. 

From Morten 

"Boys single day trip" All Classmates partners are considered one of the boys smiley

Tuesday 19th March 

9am, meet at Medlow Bath

1: SES headquarters visit, incident  control centre, vehicles and equipment at Katoomba

2: followed by Ngula Bulgarabang walk Katoomba 4km easy, last 300m steep  and rocky, great view over the megalong valley

3: Megalong tea rooms for lunch

4: Coach house glen walk, easy rainforest 

5: mermaid cave  waterfall, easy walk, some steps

6: Artillery emplacement followed by Hassans wall lookout 

7: Anvil rock Blackheath plus the wind eroded cave

Finish around 6pm

Anyone wishing to stay a bit later, we could have dinner  at one of 4 different  pubs, then do the Katoomba falls night walk, a really nice path lit up at night. Easy 2km . Starting at 7.30 pm

28/02/24 12:43 PM #1280    


Keith Longworth

Hi James & Morten,

Looking forward to the walks in the Blue Mountains.  I will be staying for 2 days and 1 night.  Yet to decide which days .



29/02/24 02:02 PM #1281    


Adrian Graham

It is great to see the ongoing activities. Wish I lived a bit closer. 

would have loved the trip to NICM but bowls finals make it a bit tricky.
I may yet make the Blue mountains subject to co-ordinating with the lovely wife.

Bushfires have been close both to the south and North east of us. Fortunately weather conditions were favourable to mean we did not need to evacuate although I did get a bit concerned when we had some burnt leaves fall in the paddock. The leaves were not active embers and fell from the high smoke stream.

Still have some bowls to play and some cruise ship tour guiding to do before the season ends.

29/02/24 08:42 PM #1282    


Tim Connell (Connell)

Hi Alan, 

Just wondering if your NICM event on Monday is going to be recorded.  Would have loved to attend but can't be in Sydney on the day. I'm sure it'll be very interesting. 

Cheers,  Tim

01/03/24 01:52 PM #1283    


Keith Longworth

Hi Tim,

Yes we are intending to record the morning for all classmates unable to attend.  Ian Carragher is bringing his camera and I am also going to record on my iPhone.  Will record sound using my Jabra conference speaker and microphone so hopefully we have it all covered,



01/03/24 02:39 PM #1284    


Morten Storaker

Adrian, glad to hear that the bushfires bypassed you. It would be great to see you in the blue mountains.

01/03/24 09:28 PM #1285    


Alan Bensoussan

Sorry you can't make it Tim but understand completely. It would have been lovely to see you.

Keith & Ian, you're amazing putting all the recording hardware together!  Many thanks. 


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