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14/10/23 01:05 PM #1152    


Keith Longworth


We Need Your Photos by Sunday 22 October 2023


Hi Classmates & Teachers,


As previously advised we are retiring this year for the 50th reunion and after party the grainy photos from the school magazine displayed in previous events.


We are asking both classmates and teachers who are attending either event  to send in 10 photos of themselves, family, friends, pets, anything over the last 60+ years. Please forward to keithrlongworth@gmail.com by Sunday 22 October 2023 (the earlier the better)


The photos received already show the interesting progression from our young selves to our current state and should help us in the recognition process at our events.  The photos also indicate such a variety of interests and things that happened in our lives that will act as great talking points.


One of the photos of earlier days will be put on our name tags so please send the photos in.  The others will be put in a slideshow.  If you have digital photos send them in as is.  Taking photos from your phone of old photos should work fine if you don't have a scanner.  If you can remember when and where the photos were taken list this in the email


For those who have already sent photos in, please check the Forum on our class website where a sample of 2 of the photos should be in postings.  If not, please contact me


Graham Gibbs

17/10/23 09:22 PM #1153    


James Daniel

Re  The School Tour. We would like to finalise numbers by this Friday 20th October. Please advise if you plan to attend and have not done already, by an email to myself jmtdaniel10@gmail.com


School Tour Friday 27th October   (The day before the 50th Anniversary Re-union Dinner at Manly)  . 

The Principal of North Sydney Boys High School ,Mr Brian Ferguson has personally offered to take the Class of 1973 Students on a School Tour on Friday 27th October.  


Time:  3.20pm for a 3.30pm start. 

Estimated duration ~ 45 Minutes. 

Date:   Friday 27th October.

Meeting place:  B Quad Enter via the pedestrian gate on Falcon St it leads directly to B Quad between the Hall and B Block.   

To assist with logistics  we need  to know if you plan to attend. If you are attending please send an email to myself  jmtdaniel10@gmail.com by this Friday 20th October. 

18/10/23 11:11 PM #1154    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Greg Bell (teacher)


18/10/23 11:14 PM #1155    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Stephen Dickinson


18/10/23 11:18 PM #1156    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Brian Goodall


18/10/23 11:20 PM #1157    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Peter Jewkes


18/10/23 11:22 PM #1158    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Ken Morrey

18/10/23 11:24 PM #1159    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Colin Spearman



20/10/23 09:30 AM #1160    


Bill Lyons

Hi Everyone!


Well, with only a week to go before our 50 year Reunion Dinner, I thought I’d provide a little more information to you in the hope that it will make for a really enjoyable event.

Our Class Reunion, at the Manly 16 foot Skiff Club kicks off at 6.00 pm (28/10/2023) and no doubt there’ll be much to look forward to as we see old faces and try to re-connect them to memories of long ago. Luckily, to assist, we’re providing name tags to help connect the dots, so to make it easier for all – get your’s upon arrival and put it on!  It will help everyone, as, like they used to say each Sunday night on TV’s ‘Disneyland’ – there will be many “tall tales and true, from the legendary past” and knowing who is telling and who is hearing will be vital!

Whilst we will no doubt be gathering around the outside Harbour View deck bar meeting everyone on arrival, we will be moving into a private dining space for dinner at 6.30 pm – this area is called the Harbour View Room and Atrium. There will be a series of 5 large round tables (each with 10-11 places) plus 3 long tables (each with 14 places, or so) for groups to dine.  No specific seats have been allocated to individuals and we’re hoping that this more ‘informal’ approach to seating will promote more interchange.  With the age and maturity we’ve now derived from our life experiences, it will be no surprise that old ‘cliques’ will be more inclusive than perhaps during our School years. Make an effort to find out people’s stories even if you weren’t close back in the 1970’s – you be delighted when you do, trust me! 

Except for those with special dietary requests (who I have arranged specific meals for) our dinner menu selected will be:

ENTREE -  - Salt & Pepper Calamari, Chipotle Mayo (gf/df) or,  Salmon Sashimi, black bean ponzu, green chilli (df)

MAIN COURSE -  - Slow Braised Lamb Shoulder, mint yoghurt & gravy (gf) or,  Oven Roasted Barramundi, salsa verde,  (gf/df) ---------- SERVED WITH -  - Roast Chats Potatoes, garlic, feta & rosemary (gf) - Baked broccoli, ginger soy, fresh horseradish (df)

DESSERT - - Lemon lime curd, meringue or, pistachio & shortbread crumble  


Just a reminder that drinks (except H2O) are to be at our own individual expense.  Generosity to one’s fellow men and women is encouraged!!! We only see each other infrequently and as there are only so many summers ahead of us, don’t begrudge buying a drink or two and sharing it as the lubrication will free-up some long forgotten stories,I'm sure!

During dinner we will have some great speeches to entertain and help you realise that with few exceptions, we are all mortal but with many and varied experiences.  After dinner there will be plenty of time too, to make the effort to find out new stories from some alumni who you may have had little to do with in Class.  I’d encourage you all to make the effort to renew old friendships as well as create some new ones.  You know you’ve probably not got the next half-century to make the most of them!

I look forward to a great catch-up with everyone over the coming weekend of celebrating our 50 year anniversary since leaving School! Enjoy it all! Don't be a stranger!



20/10/23 01:21 PM #1161    


John Casey

Just sent some photos to Keith for the reunion collection. Here is my favorite. My father, brother and me in Surfers Paradise circa 1970

20/10/23 01:42 PM #1162    


Stephen Dickinson (Dickinson)

While on the night there will no doubt be plaudits for you guys from many quarters, just thought I would get in early to give my thanks to Keith, James, Bill and the rest of the team for their great collective efforts in putting everything together for next week.

Its really appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you "mainlanders" next week


20/10/23 05:36 PM #1163    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Tim Connell






20/10/23 05:54 PM #1164    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - John Casey



20/10/23 06:12 PM #1165    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Alan Rassaby



20/10/23 10:13 PM #1166    


Rod Leonarder

Celebrating 175 years of quality public education in NSW - the staff team from North Sydney Boys 1917/1918

20/10/23 10:16 PM #1167    


Rod Leonarder

Tim Connell, did your graduating son follow in his father's footsteps? 

22/10/23 11:43 AM #1168    


Colin Spearman

My God it sure is funny and interesting att the same time seeing a lot of these before and after photos 70's to the 2020's who would'a thought ....

22/10/23 07:49 PM #1169    


James Daniel

After the School Tour , 3.20pm  for 3.30pm , this Friday 27th October .( Refer Forum Post 1153 for details ). We plan to have a drink afterwards, ~ 4.30pm at the Greens ,located in St Leonards Park , All welcome!


23/10/23 08:50 PM #1170    


James Daniel

Re Parking at Manly on Saturday Night for the 50th NSBHS73 Dinner .

Would recommend Public Transport or Uber  . Manly is always a challenge , Saturday Night is at another level ! 

Trip Planner   https://transportnsw.info/trip#/trip is my goto link. 


For those staying in the City , Last Ferry, Manly to Circular Quay is 12.50am 

23/10/23 09:14 PM #1171    


James Daniel

For those staying in the Manly precinct for the NSBHS73 50th Events , a new major upgrade on the North Head Walk was completed in June .

Set your sat nav to Fairfax Walk or North Head Scenic Drive and go to the end .(We also plan to schedule this walk sometime in the future)  

23/10/23 09:56 PM #1172    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Rod Leonarder


23/10/23 10:05 PM #1173    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Bruce Batterham



23/10/23 10:11 PM #1174    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Tony Weston



23/10/23 10:18 PM #1175    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Bernie Newsom



23/10/23 10:28 PM #1176    


Keith Longworth

Photos (2 of 10) for 50th Re-union - Geoff Jones



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